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The Importance of wearing shapewear after surgeryColombian Shapewear- Waist Trainer- Fajas Colombianas – Girdles

After each surgery, you will need the right support to heal as your body transforms and evolves into a new form.

The importance of wearing shapewear in the healing process is vital to the success of your surgery. Of all the surgeries, there is one that is the most aggressive, so take notes if you are considering or planning cosmetic surgery.

Tummy tuck is one of the most aggressive body contouring procedures performed by plastic and cosmetic surgeons around the world. To get the best possible results from your procedure, you will need to wear compression garments after tummy tuck surgery for at least six to eight weeks during the postoperative phase. The length of time you need to wear this garment depends on several factors and your surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive post-operative recovery plan.

Here’s an overview of how long you may need to wear compression garments after a tummy tuck:

Recover from tummy tuck surgery with the best results

Most patients have drains that are removed between one to two weeks after surgery, depending on the patient. At this point, you may need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and fluid buildup around the abdomen. Some doctors recommend wearing an abdominal belt for comfort instead of a full-body compression garment. The belt is easy to wear under clothing and provides some compression to the abdomen. You will need some form of compression for up to six weeks or more after your procedure.

While some surgeons recommend wearing the garment while you sleep and throughout the day, others recommend wearing it for most of the day (ten hours or more) and while participating in any form of exercise. or doing other physical activities. You may find it easier to move around and even do light exercises when wearing a compression garment.

Benefits of wearing compression garments after tummy tuck surgery

Compression garments after a tummy tuck can reduce patient discomfort and also help control swelling and fluid retention, which are common after surgery. The first few weeks of recovery are a critical time as the tissues move and conform to your new shape. Overall, compression garments can promote the healing and recovery process, promote healthy blood circulation, and increase the chances of achieving better results after a body contouring procedure.

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