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Have you ever wondered which men’s underwear gets the vote in the UK? The latest study says classic tight whites come out on top, but ONLY if men’s briefs are pure white.

Several national newspapers covered the survey conducted by laundry expert Dr Beckmann and it turns out that 6 in 10 women and 4 in 10 men voted tight white.

Deadgoodundies.com, the online store dedicated solely to men’s underwear and swimwear, is thrilled with the results, but the site’s internal experts have questions …

What about the other four women? What about the other six men? Votes were cast for tight whites, underpants, underpants, trunks and long underwear. What?! No male ropes? No thong for men? No tanga briefs for men?

Dr. Beckmann’s survey was conducted with three male models, one in looser shorts, one in men’s boxers and the third in classic boyshorts, in this case a men’s cotton midi brief. Definitely worth watching the video (https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/britains-favourite-pants-been-revealed-24309536)!

DGU is the home of hundreds of pretty tight whites. Our selection of men’s underwear ranging from male micro bikinis with narrow sides to midi briefs to maxi chests, boxers and shorts is huge – one of the biggest in one place in the country and around the world.

Deadgoodundies’ tips for keeping men’s white underwear white are simple: wash after one use, never wash white underwear with darker colors, dry on a line in the sun if you can. , and if your pants are starting to look a bit gray, check out Dr B.


Headline image: Best Quality Tight – Classic Breathable Impetus Cotton Stretch Brief 1171021 Mens Bikini Briefs in White or Black, £ 13.50 a pair.

A totally modern take on a form-fitting micro brief for men – the Modus Vivendi antibacterial briefs made of 95% cotton, 5% elastane in white, black or skin cost £ 17.50. This is just one of the Greek brand’s anti-bacterial and anti-odor underwear models also including thong, jockstrap, tanga briefs, classic briefs and briefs (plus tank top and t-shirt assorted) so men can choose from a wide range of tight whites!


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