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Types of Leggings for Every Body Shape

The secret to being trendy is in the basics! And this is where leggings take the first place. A modern essential – different styles of leggings dominate the cityscape with panache.

What is amazing with leggings is that they give you the freedom of movement to rush through your busy schedule. In addition to that, they accentuate your body and improve your appearance.

Due to their growing popularity, it’s likely that you already own at least one of the leggings styles in your wardrobe. But leggings are the holy grail of fashion trends, so having a pair isn’t enough.

Do not worry ! We have the definitive checklist of different types of leggings that you must have.

Different types of ladies leggings

If you are looking for different types of leggings in india – slip on these versatile and functional pieces for your different moods and occasions.

Types of leggings – depending on length

  • Ankle-length or footless leggings

Whatever your modern, ethnic or traditional style, these leggings styles will create a flattering ensemble. You can pair them with any shoe – wear them with boots in the winter or brighten them up with high heels.

They are shorter, usually sitting below the bend of the knee. These styles of leggings are great for training and work great as exercise clothes.

If you are thinking of an elegant figure, these edgy leggings are your secret weapon. Those types of leggings aren’t just a fashion statement – they’re super functional and comfortable.

These leggings expose your ankles and a small part of the lower leg, giving the illusion of greater height and lengthening your stature.

  • Calf, 3/4 or capri leggings

This variety of leggings is perfect for beating the summer heat and keeping you comfortable all day long. They are a stylish option for a day at the beach or to wear as a gym outfit.

If you are thinking of stockings, but are afraid of wearing sheer fabrics, opt for leggings with feet. They are made of thicker material to prevent any peek-a-boo incident.

These types of leggings come with a strap or “stirrup” that attaches under the arch of the foot. It ensures that your leggings stay in place and won’t go up.

Types of leggings – depending on style / pattern

There is nothing more chic and stylish than leggings that absorb sweat. In addition, they provide you with sufficient support for your intense workouts. For a gym enthusiast or a yoga bear, these leggings should be a part of every workout wardrobe.

These leggings are perfect for hiding cellulite, providing extra tummy coverage and sculpting your curves. With these leggings, you won’t have to worry about constantly pushing your butt up.

Those different styles of leggings are perfect if you want to draw attention to your hips and accentuate your curves. They snuggle up against your hips and thighs before widening towards your calves and ankles.

If you want a sophisticated yet comfortable look, garnish your wardrobe with treggings. They are elegant variety of leggings with a tailored trouser appeal. Add a splash of color to bring them to life and look your best.

Give your wardrobe a chic update with these leggings styles! These trendy and daring pieces will show some skin through the cuts and cling to your curves in the most flattering way.

These so sexy and chic leggings with sheer details are a fan favorite! Go bold with your casual looks or enchant with a subtle fun fusion look – these different types of leggings are a must have.

  • Printed / colored leggings

Completing every wardrobe and adapting to any aesthetic, these types of leggings are universal. From abstract, monochrome or two-tone to floral, they come in several colors and patterns.

  • Sparkling / metallic leggings

Get your bling with these types of leggings. They don’t show a lot of skin but increase the glamor quotient, making them the best statement piece for any special occasion.

So, that’s it! There are different types of leggings for everyone! Head over to Zivame to find the right one for you and build your Leggings collection today!




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