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Underwear Community – New Twitter List for Undies Lovers – Underwear News Briefs



We really need to create a sense of community in the world of men’s underwear. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, bi, non bisexual, or whatever name you call yourself. I thought about what I could do to foster a greater sense of community. Then it hit me, a list of underwear on Twitter to show guys who love underwear!

Why did I start this? Well, that’s a great question. I was browsing my feed and wanted to see guys in their underwear. What I saw was a lot of porn (hey, no judgment on porn, everyone’s watching it), but I wanted to interact with underwear lovers. Having to scroll through everything was frustrating. Then I got the idea for the list. We have guys on it now and want to add a lot more.

Why did I choose Twitter? Twitter is the only social media site where you can really build lists and share them with others.

What rules do you have for the list? Here are the diplomas:

  1. You have to love underwear
  2. You post articles about underwear, especially pictures of yourself in your underwear (but not required)
  3. You don’t repost a lot of porn (again, this is underwear, not porn)
  4. Sexual orientation doesn’t matter
  5. You want to find more underwear and have good conversations

Note that this will not filter out all cock photos. Guys can show theirs in their underwear and underwear. I won’t penalize guys who show up. It won’t be porn but it will be pictures of guys.

How to join the list? You go to my Twitter profile twitter.com/unbtim. Send me a reply or DM to be considered added.

How can I view this list – Go to List of underwear

Any questions please email me or send me DM.


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