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Underwear Review: 2(X)IST – Sliq Micro Brief



Brian’s 2 (X) IST Sliq Micro Briefs Underwear Review

American designer 2 (X) IST has developed a unique niche for themselves in the underwear world. They manufacture high-quality and sometimes state-of-the-art products, but successfully market them to a large and diverse audience. For my money, they make some of the best briefs available today. They do a range of styles, and all characterized by well-made fabrics. They do great things with color and prints, and their underwear is always made to last; I’ve had pairs that have held you for years, still retaining quality, comfort, and a flattering look after many uses.

I recently tried the Sliq Micro Brief. The briefs are a blend of polyester and spandex and come in some great bold colors and patterns (I have the cheetah print). As with all 2 (X) IST briefs I’ve worn, comfort starts with the fabric. The Sliq Micro briefs are smooth and pleasant to the touch. The polyester gives a very elegant feel to the briefs and the spandex lends itself to a perfect fit that perfectly hugs your contours. The fabric is substantial, by no means overdone, but rather provides a feel of quality and care which in my opinion helps provide both comfort and confidence. The quality of the tailored fit is very flattering, amplified so much by the soft and tempting feel of the fabric.

The construction and design of these briefs is also excellent. The pouch gives a nice contour to help showcase your natural shape, and the back is seamless and never rises or folds up. The smooth fabric is not only comfortable and welcoming to the touch, but also offers free movement, just as supportive and flexible.

2xist sliq briefs review

There are some unexpected pros and cons to these briefs. I love them but I won’t wear them anytime or anywhere. While they feel great against your skin, polyester isn’t the most breathable fabric, and probably not the best for hot days when you’re on the go. On the other hand, the Sliq Micro Brief is advertised as being quick-drying, the high quality and substantial feel of the fabric makes me think you can easily wear it as a swim brief, perhaps perfect for an impromptu outing to the pool or the beach.

I can say that I love them enough that I will be going back for more. Next on my list is the Animal Tie Dye Print and the Edgy Stripe. The bold, confident feeling of comfort I get when wearing these briefs is something I want more in all of my underwear, and the bold colors help them feel a lot more inviting. I love to wear underwear that helps provide a clear, personal expression, perfectly articulated in the eye-catching designs and sleek, fitted construction of the Sliq Micro Brief.

2xist sliq briefs review

Many thanks to Brian for sharing this review with us and allowing us to post it.

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