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Wet Look Men’s Underwear UK : Boxers Briefs Thongs

Wet Look underwear for men is rapidly gaining popularity as styles of men’s lingerie and fetish underwear become more mainstream.

The fabric provides a snug fit and sexy shiny texture without the discomfort and restriction of PVC or faux leather. With the increasing popularity of wet looking underwear in the fashion of women’s lingerie, it is clear that this underwear trend will be with us for quite some time.

The best styles of men’s underwear with a wet look

Here’s some inspiration for sexy men’s underwear, with our top 3 styles for wet looks, plus a breakdown of the most important features you might want to consider when shopping.

Svenjoyment Wet Look Cutout Boxer Briefs

There isn’t much more outrageously sexy than this offer from the big American brand Svenjoyment. With naughty integrated suspenders that can be paired with the stockings of your choice.

men's wet look boxer briefs with straps attached


  • Sexy fitted cut with a shiny wet look fabric.
  • The integrated suspenders are easy to wear and pair with stockings.
  • O-rings make it easy to combine boxers with other bondage accessories.
  • The clip pouch makes your bulge look gorgeous.

The wet look fabric creates a body-hugging fit with a super shiny look that makes it perfect for fetish clothing. The clip pocket on these boxers offers support while giving a pleasant and palpable crotch bulge. O-ring hip details mean these wet looking boxers will pair well with other bondage accessories to enhance your game.

Bondara Edge wet look thong

Shiny in the front and cheeky in the back, this thong fits snugly in the right places, showcasing those bulges to perfection. If you are trying to create your next bondage scene, this wet look thong will create a sleek and sexy look.

The back of the thong highlights your buttocks and, despite its strong fetish references, it is comfortable to wear during your game.

Men's wet look thong


  • Naughty wet effect fabric to enhance these bulges.
  • Cheeky thong in the back that highlights your butt.
  • Comfortable stretch fabric with BDSM looks.
  • Cut close to the hips and wide thong at the back.

String Pouch Man Power Jouster

Indulge in heavy bondage style without the discomfort of leather or PVC with this fabulous Male Power fetish pocket thong! Featuring sexy metal studs on the pocket and waistband, this is super kinky bondage underwear at a great price.

wet look studded men's thong


  • Heavy bondage style in comfortable wet look lycra.
  • Convenient O-rings are great for attaching accessories.
  • Spacious front pocket.
  • Studded belt, would go very well with a harness.

The o-ring details make it easy for you to incorporate your BDSM accessories into your outfit. They are ideal for tying wires to. The pouch is beautiful and spacious, with a sexy and compressible look. The heavy bondage style is enhanced by the slim, straight waist adorned with metal studs.

This pocket thong would look amazing with a bondage harness.

Shop for wet look underwear

Find the idea of ​​men’s wet underwear in our hand-picked underwear shopping resource. We’ve found some great styles for you to enjoy!

Hand picked for you

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Svenjoyment Wet Look Slip Front Zip Open Back

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Power Wet Look Cage Men's Boxer Briefs

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Wet look thong Bondara Man Exotic King Tiger Print



Our hand curated boutique resource is constantly updated with new underwear finds from our favorite online stores!


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