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What do you wear the to doctor? – Underwear News Briefs

It has been a crazy and stressful week. I had a lot of stuff on my mind and put the blog on cruise control. This year I want to blog more of me and hope some of you enjoy it. I had to go to the doctor this week, and for the few times in my life I decided I didn’t want to wear underwear to the doctor.

It’s shocking, I know! But, I was going to take my pink bikini from N2N Bodywear. This bikini is amazing and looks great. You should know that I knew that I would take my pants off and the doctor would see my underwear. Instead, I wore a bright blue pair with a neon pink belt from Andrew Christian.

I have taken so many different things to the doctor. You name it, and I wore it whether I knew he saw it or not. It was the first time that I had chosen not to wear something. I don’t know why I did this; before, I didn’t care. I think I did it because it was a new doctor that I saw for the first time.

Have you ever worn more “classic” underwear when you go to the doctor? Do you keep your love of underwear hidden from your doctor or wear what you normally wear? And has your doctor ever mentioned or commented on your underwear?


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