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What I Wore: Plus Size Beach Outfits

I’m going out on a beach vacation and thought I would share a few quick outfits as some people have asked for links on Instagram. I’ll recap the vacation soon, but first I need to filter all photos and videos.

In typical form, I overpacked. I know I’m not alone – more options are always better! Here are some of the looks that managed to get out of the suitcase and into the sun.

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This first look was the one I have worn twice. It was easy to put on, super comfortable and dressed with a simple collar and metallic flats

I bought this dress months ago in anticipation of this vacation. I think it was worth the wait! I liked that it was a cool poplin material to help beat the heat.

Dress – size down 1-2! On sale + an additional sales code on the product
Shoes – wide width and super affordable

I brought 4 swimsuit suits with me, but ended up wearing this simple blanket more than anything. It’s supposed to be worn with the tie on the back, but I liked it on the front. Comes in multiple colors and is very generous in size and only $ 25.


I would have liked to have had a less grainy photo of this, but this is what you get when the sun has already set and you rely on natural light! This was one of the dresses I bought from the Target Designer Dress collection so it’s unfortunately no longer available.

The only time this cover-up made an appearance! I bought it a few years ago from Amazon and it is still available. Ultra light and easy to stack.

This dress is so light that the wind took it everywhere! It’s dramatic… and also reminds me of rainbow sorbet.

I quickly put it on my swimsuit for coffee. Old tie-front tank top and shiny palazzo pants which are no longer available, unfortunately.

If I find more photos, I’ll share them here! These are definitely the highlights, however.

Are you an overpack or are you good at getting it right?




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