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What I Wore: Plus Size Summer Outfits

Hi friends! I don’t know where the weather is going this year and I don’t like that feeling… but here we are in July. As we established in my last post, I hate to sweat and try to make sure my outfits are fit for the season. I’m not a big fan of shorts, but I’ve finally found a pair of shorts that I love to wear. They are available in sizes XXS-3X and 20% off when you add them to your cart today (7/4).

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Tank top (sizes 00-40) // Shorts (available in several colors, sizes 0-26) // Shoes (similar)

I shared some of my outfits on Instagram, but thought I’d drop them here as well in case anyone is looking for some summer outfit ideas.

Laid back, but polite

This outfit is just a cut above a tank top and jeans and I think it looks a lot more polished with this long tunic. It’s super light and airy – I handcuffed and crumpled the sleeves to be elbow length. Accessories and flats completed the look. This entire outfit is available in sizes 00-40!

A casual and refined plus size outfit idea

This entire outfit is available in sizes 00-40!
Tank top // Topper // Denim // Moccasins (large width) // Necklace (rented)

Tank Top & Skirt

Nothing fancy here – another of my favorite lightweight tank tops with a satin skirt from my Eloquii Unlimited rental subscription (see my previous Eloquii Unlimited review). It’s also on sale now from Eloquii – links below. The addition of the earrings and necklace was a nice punch for the Zoom meetings.

Plus size summer outfit with tank top and long satin skirt

Tank top (sizes 00-40) // Satin skirt (sizes 14-28, on sale $ 39) // Flats (wide width) // Earrings // Necklace

Breezy Wide Leg Trousers

I love wide leg high waisted pants and as soon as I saw these mustard colored pants I knew I needed them. I also bought the same pair in black. They are ultra light and breathable, and easy to wear with a tank top or a t-shirt. I opted for a cropped tie-front tank top that I received from J Crew a few years ago.

Plus Size Wide Leg Palazzo Pants Outfit

Tank top (no longer available, similar) // Pants (sizes 14-28, yellow is no longer available, these are the blacks) // Necklace (rented) // Earrings (rented) // Shoes (large width)

Linen strappy top

This is another fun piece from Eloquii Unlimited, but it’s currently on sale for around $ 16. It is part of the cheaply priced Eloquii Elements collection, which is also sold at Walmart. If you ever find an Eloquii Elements part you want in one of those stores and it’s out of your size, check out the other store. I found a few articles this way that I thought I missed. I think there are also matching shorts if you are looking for a coordinated set. I wore it with my favorite jeans and sneakers.

Plus Size Influencer Authentically Emmie Linen Tank Outfit Idea

Tank top (here and here on sale for $ 16.50 // Denim (sizes 00-40) // Earrings (rented) // Shoes (similar, large width)

Rainy Day Casual

I had to go shopping last week and it was raining. It ultimately gave me a reason to wear this jacket (previously seen in this plus size Athleta essay / rave). It’s not technically waterproof, but the water from the showers I encountered fell right away.

Jacket (on sale) // Tank top (sizes 00-40) // Jeans (sizes 00-40) // Loafers (large width)

Quick note on vintage designer jewelry so you don’t yell at me for the price tags! While I would love to own all of these in this article, I rented them through Switch. This is a great option if you want beautiful pieces to wear and swap regularly. Hope you have a good 4th!




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