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Yes it’s a small recap, but still a recap…for Week Zero



GAH! I should have warned you. But from now on, August 28, 2021 will be forever known in Champaign as Bret Bielema today. So get drunk and eat two full racks of ribs (in her honor of course).

For the past two years, the recap for week zero has been, say, hijacked. In 2019, it was the absolutely shocking sudden retirement of Andrew Luck essentially during a Colts preseason game. It has taken social media and the football world by storm, so much to the side of the Week Zero college football action. Last year was a fucking mess and no real week zero (at least for FBS teams). The next two weeks had a lot of news in the college football world, as just about every conference decided to play after retiring from the season. It was crazy and, despite COVID still being a big deal, it’s not as big as it was a year ago at this point. I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re slowly coming back to normalcy. Like a kind of agreement with three steps forward, two steps back. Yes, COVID boosters are the future, but if they let us live life like before, why the fuck are people even arguing about it?

Anyway, there was action from week zero… OK, maybe action is a strong word. I’ll recap the so-called action for you right now.

Maybe Chip Kelly figured it out. The Hawaii players began this game at 9:30 a.m. Hawaii time. It’s week zero. There is quite a bit of rust for a lot of teams. But god damn it, UCLA has mopped the mop with the Rainbow Warriors. 24 points in the first quarter essentially ended the game earlier. And I was laughing when Kirk Herbstreit said the Bruins would win the Pac-12 South. It could be a VERY interesting division this season.

Did Edsall get a bonus? This is really the only question needed for UConn’s Week 0 performance. I get it: it’s even worse for the Huskies because they haven’t played since late 2019. So yeah, it could be a really long season at Storrs. But yeah, I’m sure Randy Edsall got some absurd bonuses for converting at least a third or keeping the opposing team under 50 or something stupid like that.

BERT! As I said above, August 28 will now be, and forever, Bret Bielema Day in Champaign… unless they win a Big Ten title, the day they win the title will become Bret Bielema Day. It’s not like Nebraska is a big favorite, but Illinois looked far superior to this one. Other than one play, Grade 11 Adrian Martinez looked awful. Husker’s defense didn’t sound too polite. And now Scott Frost is in the hot seat in Lincoln. I already feel stupid to say that the Huskers would be bowl eligible this season.

Look, I’m not going to go over the state of San Jose blowing southern Utah out of the water or the UTEP and the state of New Mexico playing in a game that about 435 people have. watched on TV. Even the MEAC-SWAC challenge was a bit meh because Alcorn State just couldn’t attack. All in all it’s a shitty week but at least it’s a start. Not like I’m expecting a lot from it. I felt great watching college football most of the day.

Soon we’ll have, no, not a five-day streak of football. Oh no that’s not enough. A hell of a six-day college football streak in September! Starts Wednesday evening and goes until Monday evening. Unreal. The college football schedule is expected to arrive earlier next week because of this. Have a good week !


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